Wednesday, July 17, 2019


        François Baelen 

I'm a french underwater photographer currently living in Reunion Island, in the western Indian Ocean. 

I'm working there as a general practitioner, with a degree in Hyperbaric medicine.

However, I spend most of my free time underwater with my camera and one goal: to share with you my passion for the amazing marine life, from tiny nudibranchs to giant whales.

• Reunion Island Underwater Festival 2018 : Silver Whale

• Scubaverse monthly edition, novembre 2018 : 1st and 3rd places

• Scubaverse annual selection : 1st place

• Ocean Art 2019 : 1st place wide angle ; 3rd place behaviour

• UnderWater Photographer of the Year 2019: 1st place wide angle 

• FEISME 2019 : 2nd place portfolio

• Festisub 2019  : 2nd place ocean duo

• FISM New Caledonia 2019  : 2nd place portfolio ; 3rd place macro