Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Dray van Beeck
Born in the Netherlands (1961)where I studied and taught Art.
Started diving in 1997 and became a dive professional in 1998. 
I have been teaching diving since 1999 in Malaysia, Canary Islands, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt and Indonesia. Been working as a live-aboard guide in Egypt since 2003. Since 2006 for Blue O Two. On the boats I teach photo workshops. At the moment I manage Dream Divers on Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. We are soon setting up a company in Bali where we offer UW photography and videography workshops.
I started under water photography in 2002 with the Canon Powershot S40 and the Canon Powershot S70. In 2006 upgraded to the Nikon D80 with Ikelite housing and DS125 strobes. Upgraded again in 2008 to Nikon D300 with Hugyfot housing, 2x Inon Z-240 and 2x Ikelite DS 125 strobes.

Published the following apps for I-tunes;

*Guide to UW editing and manipulations
*Guide to Advanced UW photography
*Guide to UW photography lighting
*Sharks of the Red Sea
*Wrecks of the Red Sea
*Treasures of the Sea
*Aqua Life Images (Fish id guide)

And the book;
*The Diving Photographer