Friday, September 28, 2012


Enrique Talledo is founder and director of MUNDOS OCEƁNICOS, a production company specialized in documentation, research, exploration and protection of the marine environment.
It offers the nature and its clients an extensive experience which has been accumulated for almost over twenty years of vocation and materialized into a full archive of over 150.000 photos and hundreds hours of footage in HD (high definition).

More than a hundred awards support the work of this camera and underwater photographer. Its main motives are to promote and raise awareness of the marine ecosystems. In this long list of awards, the Gold Medal in the Championship of Spain of Underwater Photography without oxygen supply and the Silver Medal by teams at the World Championships in the same specialty are the very important ones.
Furthermore, more than 3,000 images have been published in print media -newspapers, magazines, literary and educational works - and numerous productions have been emitted by almost all Spanish TV channels as well as important international submarine film festivals.