Thursday, December 14, 2023


Rainer Schimpf is a South African based underwater photographer and videographer with a focus on marine life. 

He is particularly known for his work capturing images and footage of various marine species, including sharks, dolphins, and whales. 

Rainer has been involved in the diving and marine photography industry since 1990, and he has gained recognition for his contributions to the field.

Winning several international environmental Photo awards, including Kudu Award South Africa, Jury Price Antibes, Africa National Geographic and more. Also, he has witnessed first orca predation on common dolphin in 2018. He is known to be the only person been swallowed by a whale in 2019.

He is passionate about photo and video, he has a Tour Company ( catering for Photographers and Filmer’s in many destinations around the world. The advantage is he puts the clients first and makes sure of best angel and conditions as well as most amazing action for the shoot.