Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Underwater Photographer presso Mokarran Diving

Diving instructor and wildlife passionate it’s by photography that Vincent will return to his first children loves; sea ​​and image.

The sea, he discovered it early aboard his father's boat during sailing between the islands of Brittany.
The love of the image, he owes it to his grandfather, a talented drawer and later to his stepfather, passionate amateur photographer.
Vincent has concentrated all these elements into one, the underwater wildlife photography in which he specialize.

Today published in several editions of renowned, his photos have also used for the 2015 BBC Wildlife calendar and the coveted Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Edition of the watch manufacturer.
In 2015 several of his photographs were used by the Breitling company, to present their latest diving watch through a campaign and a commercial movie.

Vincent has also been honored by awarded in some international photos competitions, including Ocean Geographic, National Geographic, Festisub, Adex China, Deep Indonesia, Our world underwater.