Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UWP: VACLAV KRPELIK (Czech Republic)

Vaclav Krpelik
Vaclav is the only UW photographer in the Czech Republic, which photographs underwater world with DSLR during freediving only. It means that all Vaclav´s underwater photographs are taken on a single breath of air. Compared to other underwater photographers he is not a scuba diver and never use any scuba gear.

After graduating university, Vaclav moved to London to study English. During his 3 years stay in London Vaclav used to be focused more on landscape photography (2009: 1. place Natural London competition, 2009 and 2010: Commended - Landscape Photographer of the Year). After his return to the Czech Republic he has got back to UW photography on a single breath (2013: 1. place ZSL Animal Photography competition London, 2015: Honorable Mentioned Memorial Maria Luisa Competition, 2015: Finalist Big Picture World Photography Competition). These days Vaclav organizes photography workshops and expeditions, contributes to magazines and photography web sites, but most importantly captures beauty of mountains and underwater world."