Friday, December 6, 2013


After taking his Open Water on a backpacking trip through Thailand in 2005, Dave realised he didn't want to do the 9-5 life anymore and opted for an aquatic life instead. He moved to Indonesia in 2007 to work as a dive guide on Bunaken and continue through the PADI ranks and then in 2008 landed a job as an underwater videographer in Sipadan, Borneo. 
After 2 years he then moved on to work for Scubazoo in the Maldives, doing underwater video onboard the liveaboard vessel - The Four Seasons Explorer and then later again in another resort in the north. Dave got a chance to work on lots of different productions and filmed for channels such as Discovery and CCTV, during his years filming though his loyalties slowly shifted from video to stills.
After the Maldives he then moved back to Sipadan (his favourite playground) before packing away the wide angle and dusting off the macro lens for a year in Lembeh.
HIs first camera was a Canon IXUS 75, before moving on to a Canon G10 - infact 2, 1 being his first and hopefully last flood, and then in 2010 he upgraded to a Nikon D300 in Nexus housing
Dave is now working a job which keeps him moving between Europe and Africa and uses any possible opportunity to get in the water