Monday, March 6, 2017






Class 68, starts to dive at the age of 17 years attending the first course Scuba Diver NAUI. Even then, was blossomed the passion for photography, beginning in the Sicilian countryside, at the age of 12 years with a Kodak Instamatic. After becoming a diver, starts the basics of underwater photography with an exceptional master Gianni Giuffrida, which transmits the passion and the desire to document in their own way the underwater wonders. As time passed the passion of diving turns into work and since 1999, started professional, which will take him to work in the most beautiful seas of the world, including the whole of the Red Sea area, the Maldives and the Mediterranean. It is currently the owner of OceanoMare diving center in Acitrezza (Catania), which has now become, after 12 years, the reference point for divers in the south, especially in the use and training of trimix mixtures and rebreathers in particular. Underwater photography is always current, constantly and everywhere, so as to realize a couple of books on the wrecks of Sicily with the team Rebreather Sicilia, of which he was one of the founderssp. He constantly collaborates with organizations and institutions for the production of photographic material and for the disclosure of the Italian underwater heritage. The passion for the deep diving led him to capture the most beautiful wrecks in the Mediterranean sea, trying to recreate a particular atmosphere. Innate predilection towards photography in black & white, which is always present in his shots, not only on the wrecks, but also in the second love never left, underwater caving, with its dark environments, sometimes gloomy, but which reserve their special charm and just this other passion is told spread across the images, which reflected an eye towards these unique environments. The next project will take him to move to Mexico, home of the cenotes, to propose to all divers new adventures and make available to them 30 years of experience gained in the sector.