Monday, July 29, 2013


Patrick Garcia
I love the sea and in particular the Mediterranean Sea.
I live in Toulouse, South West of the France.
I started diving in 1992. Professional and family life did not allow me to continue.
Photography has always fascinated me. I've naturally been attracted underwater photography when my children have started scuba diving on 2005.
My first experiences on a Sony P120 gave me the virus.  The underwater photo sites are a source of inspiration. From amateurs to professionals, I enjoyed their desire to share their knowledge.
For fun, I participated of contests that allowed me to learn many things. I  developed my creativity by looking at the photos of others.
Three years ago, I invested in a new equipment (canon G11+Recsea Housing) to go a little further.
I love the macro because one has the impression of being a privileged spectator of a moment of life. Capture this moment provides an unforgettable sensations. 
Most of my photos are realized during snorkelling. Apnea allows a real feeling of freedom and symbiosis with environment.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Anup J kat is a Film maker / Photographer by profession. The scuba bug bit him around 2 years back and he has never looked back since. The relationship which he holds with the creatures beneath is something different. This is quite evident in the photographs he has shot. He uses a Canon Mark 5d ii and a Ikelite housing + strobes. His favorite under water lens would be the Canon 17-40 mm L f 4. The wide angle lens captures the mood of the subject as well as the ambience. He is slowly moving into the field of fashion photography as well. He feels that there is freedom when he travels beneath the surface. He derives a sense of high from this freedom. 

One important thing to note is that he loves sambar (Indian curry) and his mom's food.