Saturday, May 26, 2012


Christian Vizl was born in México City in 1972. Has a degree in Business Administration, was formed as a Diving Instructor, Cave Diver, Rafting Guide, Sailor and an Artist. Was a member of CEDAM, a Mexican organization devoted to marine arquaeology. Lived for a year in Germany (1993) a year in Akumal, southeast México (1997) and a year in Australia (1998). He has been an enthusiast photographer since he was 15 years old, but it´s since 2010 when he starts with underwater photography and with a more professional approach. 

"My photography is an expression of myself, an extension of my being in this world. It´s a more genuine reflection of my thoughts and my emotions, transformed into images. They are a way to express the way I feel and interpret the world around me, and therefore they are the purest expression of me ... if you want to know more about me, you can see my pictures and find much of what I am.
I try to capture sublime moments of our environment with images that inspire, make us vibrate through the beauty in every corner of the world that excite and make us dream of a better world, where we value and care for all expressions of life.
Because beyond the issue of our survival is the issue of how we experience our life and how we celebrate it. And our experience of life is intrinsically linked to how we communicate and "connect" with everything around us, especially with all life around us. In my case, it’s the ocean and their living creature that makes me want to celebrate. So my photography is intended to be a celebration of marine life and the underwater world." Christian Vizl


June, CAF Centro de Arte Fotográfico, Group Photographic Exhibition, México D.F.

Oct. 13, Group Fine Arts Exhibition MARVA casa de arte at hotel St. Regis, México D.F.

15 feb. Photographic Group Exhibition, XEspacio de arte, Condesa, México D.F.
26 abr. Fine Arts Group Exhibition , Colectiva A + B, Boca del Río Veracruz, Veracruz, México.

Awards, recognitions and articles

-National Geographic published "Grand Cenote 2273" as photo of the day of June 15, 2011.
-Bronze Medal in Our World Underwater Competition, Novice category for "Juan Pablo 4"


-Bronze Medal for “Grand Cenote 2273” in Our World Underwater Competition, category Wide Angle Unrestricted.
-Winner monthly march contest 2012 of Dive Photo Guide, for "Delfiniti 8190"
-“Featured article” about the collection “Selkie Connection” in web magazine Dive Photo Guide (
-"Delfiniti 9096" was elected by a jury for the special edition of Edition Fifty Fathoms “fifty finest”, publication that includes the best 50 fine art underwater black and whites photographs.
-Winner of the april contest of (biggest underwater contest in the world) with "Grand Cenote 374"