Thursday, February 2, 2012


Daniel Botelho is awarded photojournalist, specialized in wildlife and travel images. His work can be seen in more than a hundred advertising campaigns. Daniel’s connection with nature, dates back to his childhood, as he grew up in between the sea and the rainforest, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nowadays Daniel contributes to several publications, the National Geographic magazine being one of them. Concerned with ocean devastation, Daniel has become a warrior against the massacre of whales and sharks, carried out through unsustainable practices that are bound to lead these animals to extinction.

"It is not about the eyes, camera or lenses, I take photos with my heart, I am in love with the subjects and I want to widespread the love through my images. Hope you all have a good time in my website and please, help me to spread the love, it is the only way to save our seas . Respect and love to the oceans !"Daniel Botelho