Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I was born in Naples, on July 27th 1993; I study biology at the University and I would like to become a marine biologist.

I was one, I couldn't even walk, but I already crawled seaward like I was attracted by a magnet!
I remember every summer in Ischia snorkeling with my father, trying to go deeper and deeper with a single breath in that strange blue world.
I don't know how this passion was born, I simply know that it grows with me step by step from the first day I saw it.

I was 14 when I asked to do my first dive to my parents, but they were afraid so I spent 3 years asking them, begging them...and finally when I was 17 my father gave me the permission to do the open water course!
I was thrilled, I couldn't believe that it was happening!
I finished the course and started diving and I never stopped ! 
I wanted to show to my parents that amazing world, to thank them, to involve them in my adventures, so on my 18th birthday I asked them an underwater camera.
That day my underwater photographer adventures begins!

In 2012   for the first time I met Raffaele D'Aniello a person who took a little girl with the desire to learn and taught her the fundamental rules of the photography. Since then I've met a lot of underwater photographers, I've learn a lot and I’ve developed an aware consciousness about the sea and about how in danger it is.

Now, in the 2015 I dive every weekend with my new underwater camera a Nikon D7100 in Nauticam housing and I am more determined than ever to learn the art of photography and to become a good diver hoping to join my passion with a future job as a marine biologist.