Friday, March 28, 2014


It is his passion to capture the kaleidoscopic world of the above and the oceans and bring it to life on visual and print - from the majestic beauty of the wide world above the sea to the vibrant coral reefs & intricate details of marine life.
Off work, Zul devotes his time in conducting scuba diving & underwater photography courses that brings the mesmerizing world of the deep sea to scutiny under his camera lens.
Not only has photography & scuba diving kept him in touch with nature, it has also built invaluable friendships among photographers and scuba divers who share the same passion.

Zul is also the founder of BLANCommunication. This is where he practice his creative thinking as a Graphic Designer which he handle artwork and visual communication as part of his daily routine a combination which give him a perfect gel between creativity and beauty of nature.