Thursday, March 27, 2014


Petteri Viljakainen

I started diving 2004 in Similan islands, Thailand. The first dive after the course we saw 5 manta rays and a Zebra shark swimming just a few meters away. I had a rental SeaLife film camera with me on that dive with 24 frames to shoot. The images looked absolutely stunning to me then. That was the moment I got hooked on underwater photography. I later realised that I would not see several mantas on every dive and the pictures were not that good..

10 years and a few hundred dives later I find myself still as passionate about underwater photography as I was when I started. I find myself running worldwide phototrips from Finland aimed for UW photographers. At the moment I shoot with Canon 7D and mainly Tokina 10-17. I use Subal housing with Ikelite on and off camera strobes.

The images that please me the most are wide angle and split shots. I like to shoot divers on different underwater backrounds. Especially with 50/50 shots you can capture best parts of both worlds."