Friday, January 30, 2015


Marjan Radovic,professional photographer,scuba diving and underwater photography instructor with several associations, like Scuba Schools International – SSI, NAUI and Professional Scuba School – PSS. Combining passion for photography and diving, in 2000 he enters the realm of underwater photography, wanting to show the beauty of underwater world to everyone. While most photographers specialize in underwater life and scenery, Marjan tries to show a different and unique view of sea and swimming pool ambience, models and divers, coral and fish, caves and wrecks. Mesmerized by the beauty of the underwater world, he travelled beyond the Adriatic Sea, diving into the Atlantic Ocean several times and capturing its beauty, as well as the Caribbean and the Red Sea. Marjan is always looking for new and original ways for exhibiting his photos. He had 80 individual and around 100 group exhibitions. Marjan’s photos were published in all Croatian magazines about the sea, like More, Aqualung, Navigator, Pasca in Mare, Extreme Magazine, in almost all daily newspapers and some lifestyle magazines. His photographs are often found in travel guides, scuba diving equipment catalogues, diving centers' promotional material etc. His talent was recognized at numerous competitions and he holds a great number of awards. Maybe dearest to him was the title of finalist in the competition by prestigeous diving portal Underwaterphotography in 2010, and silver 2013. Beetween top 10 action photos by Red Bull 2013,2014. Since 2006, Marjan is the official photographer and videographer of the international apnea championship, and other competitions organized by PSS and NAUI. He is expert contributor and photographer for SCUBALIFE, a scuba diving magazine, published in all ExYU countries. Today, Marjan is well known and recognized through his project „Pogled u plavo“ (Look into the Blue), an unique way of presenting photographs of Croatian underwater world. He is using this project to bring the beauty of underwater world and Adriatic Sea closer to Croatian public and travellers through Croatia. The project is also a call to the public to recognize and accept social responsibility, by raising awarness about protecting the environment.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Raymond Man is a professional underwater photographer, videographer, producer and director for wildlife documentary and PADI Course Director.  Since 1998, he co-founded “Ocean Sky Diving Training Center ”, “Aquatic Life Conservation Fund”, “Professional Underwater Photographer Association”, “UW Pro Studio”.  He is truly a pioneer in the Hong Kong underwater conversation, spending over 7 years to create the first ever Hong Kong underwater documentary that received numerous awards and recognition locally and regionally.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Raymond Man’s passion is to use his eyes, heart, thoughts and his positive attitude to better understand the would through the thought provoking images that he has captured with his cameras.
Growing up a small village in the rural part of Hong Kong, his childhood was spent running around the country side exploring his natural surroundings and experiencing all that the nature had to offer both on land and at sea. Truly a “Child of the Wild”.

He has been invited by the Hong Kong Agriculture and Fisheries Department, a number of Universities in Hong Kong and TV stations as the underwater photographer, videographer, judge for photographic competitions, Photographic consultant and course develop consultant.

His work and explorations over the years have taken him to far corners of the world including underwater expedition in the Arctic Cycle.

As his personal philosophy, “Ocean has no geographical boundary, the only diversity lies within the species and co-existence of the marine life " and his dream is to be able to share the beauty and the wonders of these marine inhabitants in China and HK with the world and promote the awareness of the conversation of our ocean.

To Raymond, his work is not just a profession , it is his life mission.