Saturday, June 23, 2012


Luc Rooman was born in 1964. He's got his own business which is only open on fridays, Saturday and sundays.?This allows him to spend a lot of time on diving and underwater photography.?Luc is an active divers since 1999. After the necessary courses he became CMAS 1* instructor in March 2006. He's member of diving school 'Amphora' In Deurne, Belgium.?Many years ago during some snorkeling in Greece he tried to take pictures by putting his photocamera in a plastic bag. So he made his very first underwater pictures.?Already back than it was a dream to become a good underwater photographer.?Luc only discovered real underwater photography in 2002 and his passion became a real addiction.?After finishing two courses underwater photography under the supervision of Peter Ryngaert, he was awarded the certificate of underwater photographer level 3.?It didn't stop there and a third course conducted by Rudy Van Geldere gave him the chance to become a level 3 CMAS underwater photographer, the highest recognition possible.
Techniques evolve quickly and also this happens in underwater photography. The temptation to change towards digital photography couldn't be missed;?Luc's very first digital reflex camera was a Nikon D200 but recently he changed towards a Nikon D300s in a sealux housing.?The lensens he uses are the macro Nikkor 60mm and Nikkor 105mm. For wide angle the fisheye Nikkor 10,5 mm and sigma circulair and close-up the sigma 17-70.?For really small stuff he uses a tele convertor 2:1and subsee +10.?his flashlights :2x Subtronic 160, Without a doubt Luc is specialized in macro photography, as he dives often in water with bad visibility ( easterscheldt) it is more than normal that 95% of his time on photography goes to macro subjects. Since a few years Luc also participates in contests worldwide. He won already a few.?One of the most remarkeble prices was his win at the Nelos festival 2008 where he won his weight in chocolate and in 2011 he won the Dutch open championship.