Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Brandi Mueller learned how to dive when she was 15 years old as a foreign exchange student in New Zealand.  With a strong desire to show the underwater world to everyone she knew, she got a point and shoot camera and moved to Florida to study biology and dive.  Fifteen years and over 3500 dives later she is a PADI Instructor, USCG captain, and has most recently worked Photo Pro positions on liveaboard dive boats.  

Working on liveaboards greatly impacted Brandi's photography by having the privilege to dive with and learn from many underwater photographers.  Seeing others at work below the water and their results back on the boat helped her to try different things she'd never thought of.  

Brandi has a major travel bug and travels as often as possible.  So far she's dove off every continent but Antarctica and over 50 countries.  A conversationalist at heart, she hopes her photos and words can help spread awareness of the ocean.  People are more likely to care about something they know exists and photography can help increase respect for the ocean and show the true value of our underwater world.