Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Even as a child i discovered my love for the ‚world below the surface‘. At an age of six i set up my first coldwater aquarium and this started all and many others followed. The fascination for chichlids from lake tanganjika led me to my passion for seawater aquariums. At the same time my interest in diving grow, so that i started this incredible sport at the end oft he Eighties which is still one the most thrilling things in my life. The diversity of he ocean and  the associated encounters, adventures and emotions is still endless.

Today i am very lucky, that i could visit a lot of these magic places under water and the idea of capturing these moments was born. So i discovered the underwater photography for me. For me it is important that my pictures are telling stories, showing feelings, special emotions and the magic of this hidden places. So i feel more like an embassador of the sea than a classic photographer and try to excite people for this beautiful, fascinating and very fragile ecosystem. It makes my happy to see that my work helps to give these people the feeling of seeing a special place which needs help from us all  to protect this sensible system. And it is ever better when this message is passed to from Friends to Friends!