Friday, March 29, 2019



Originally from Scotland, Grant  has always had a fascination with the natural world and in particular the ocean. After finishing a degree in Engineering he  took the opportunity to travel. This was the best decision he has  ever made, as it was traveling that really developed his passion for photography. He  was, and still very much is, dedicated to capturing the real beauty of the places he  visits.

Soon after leaving Scotland Grant began working as a PADI Dive instructor and purchased his first underwater housing. Photography was no longer just a part of his life, it had become his life. He now works as a freelance photographer and expedition guide, leading a variety of tours and workshops to encounter and photograph animals such as humpback whales and orca. His work has taken him around the world from the warm tropical waters of Indonesia to the glacier covered landscape of the Arctic.      

Grant has always been absolutely mesmerised by the stories that a wide angle photograph can tell and his work emulates this. His unique over-under style imagery  creates a strong visual connection between the terrestrial world we all know and the more mysterious underwater world. Through his images he  aims to exhibit the incredible life we have on our planet in hope of inspiring more people to appreciate and care for it.

I have also attached a profile picture for you. With regards to the 20 to 30 photo's, is it possible to take them from my facebook page for now as i am currently at sea in Indonesia so my internet is not great. I can send you the high resolution versions at a later date if necessary though. 

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British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018
Grand Prize winner Ocean Conservancy 2018

Winner World Oceans Day Human interaction category 2018

Winner Deep Indonesia Divers category 2018

Winner Deep Indonesia Over-Unders category 2018