Monday, September 22, 2014


Eustachio Masciandara.

Big fan of all that is water and the sea from a young age, in 1990 begins to take its first patents divers, with the specific intention of watching even more closely at the wonders that nature hides in these beautiful surroundings. 

Not content with only one observation, and the desire to share with others the underwater beauty, began to document the beautiful encounters with movies made in countless dives. 

First of analog media and then switched to digital, personally designed the equipment he needed for his shots, diving suits and cases for cameras and illuminators, leveraging its experience in mechanical design and collaborating with a famous manufacturer of this type of equipment in this field. 

His travels in the wonderful and beautiful places are renowned throughout the world for the beautiful diving, allow him to gain considerable experience and knowledge of tropical marine life. 

With the rise of the quality of digital cameras, in 2005 he decided to try this type of support, by exploiting the numerous advantages in terms of practicality of these systems for underwater photography. 

After encouraging results in this area, decide to implement his equipment to find new ideas for cuts and the subjects he photographed. 

Again with the desire and the passion to bring his experiences and their own shots, want to bring to the attention of the fans like him, what is the result of his commitment and dedication in all these years.