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Daniel Selmeczi 
lives in Szolnok, Hungary. 

Coming from a country with no seasides, the love of diving captured him at a later age but from there on there was no stopping until reaching the Naui and TDI Instructor levels. 

Photography was family tradition, so extending it underwater was a natural choice. These days he uses a Nikon D300 in Subal housing and Subtronic strobes.

His work which include writing as well appears regularly in diving publications, travel & lifestyle and photography magazines both in Hungary (Submarine, National Geographic Hungary) and worldwide (Unterwasser, Tauchen and various others in Italy, Poland and the Czech republic).

As a keen entrepreneur, Daniel operates a local diving club and manages two of the Red Sea's major dive vessels, the Cassiopeia and the Andromeda. 

Always looking for new destinations, he has led several expeditions to some of the world's most exotic places including Cocos islands, Guadeloupe and Raja Ampat. Beside diving he extended his list of topics with wildlife and bird photography and more recently underwater fashion and nudes. 

Both his underwater and wildlife photography has earned him prizes at home and on international level. 

He is member of the Photographers' Association of Hungary since 2008 and the Hungarien Nature Photographers Association (Naturart).

Submarine photography competition in 2006 the first complex fee
2007 Year Természtefotósa tender "face to face Animals' category first fee
2007 Five Year Természtef applications 'behavior of birds' first fee
Természtefotósa Year 2007 competition winner naturArt Dr. Zoltan Tildy
Year 2007 project two images Természtefotósa "high rated"
Underwater Photography Competition 2007 Wide Cat first fee
2007 Underwater Photography Kat Wide Championship 3rd fee
2007 Lumix Digital fotópályazat nature cat. Audience Award
2007 Antibes underwater image festival of world's seventh portfolio place
2008 Beneath The Sea - Marine wildlife third place
Year 2008 project Természtefotósa Year "nature photography"
Year 2008 project two images Természtefotósa "high rated"
2008 Voda cold seas the first wide-angle fee
GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year 2008 "high rated"
2008 Antibes underwater image festival in the world in black and white images in the 10th place
2008 Unterwasser fourth annual photo competition complex Place
PAF Tachov 2009. Black and white second Place
PAF Tachov 2009. Tropical seas, the third Place
PAF Tachov 2009. First portfolio Place
PAF Tachov 2009. Audience Award
2009 Uwimages "high rated"
2009 Veolia Wild Life Photographer of the Year: "high rated"
GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year 2009 "high rated"
PAF Tachov 2010. Third portfolio Place
PAF Tachov 2010. 1st Pool Place
2010 International Underwater Photo Festival Marmara Portfolio second Place
2010 National Wildlife Photo Contest "high rated"
2010 Nature Photography Competition Asferico 4 files "high rated"
PAF Tachov 2011. Second pool Place
2011 GRAND PRIX SCUBACAM black and white cat: 3 Place
2011 GRAND PRIX SCUBACAM salty seas Cat 3rd Place
2011 GRAND PRIX SCUBACAM second portfolio Place
2011 International Underwater Photo Festival Marmara first Portfolio Place
GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year 2011 "high rated"
Year 2011 project two images Természtefotósa "high rated"
2011 Year Természtefotósa tender "face to face Animals' category first Fee
2011 Year Természtefotósa tender "face to face Animals category" 2 fee
Hungarian Press Photo 2012 NATURE AND SCIENCE (UNIQUE) 2 fee


2007 Szolnoki Galéria
2007 Tata
2007 Tiszakécske
2008 Phuket Thaiföld
2008 Kecskemét
2008 Overland túrabolt Budapest
2009 Fõvárosi Állat-És Növénykert
2010 Szolnok
2010 Budapest -MVM
2011 Oradea Románia
2011 Edinburgh
2011 Budapest Oxigén Wellness

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