Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Photographer and studious of the sea ecosystem, is born in Naples.
He has learned since small to love the sea and to bathe in apnea to the search of curls and octopuses. With to spend some years his great passion for the sea he is evolved in the pure exploration of the submerged world, with his first photographic car a Nikonos III devotes him completely to the underwater photo.
To see the images again becomes the only possible street to prolong the pleasure of the immersion and at the same time to share with the others the treasures of the fantastic submerged world.
Autodidactic, begins his activity of fotosub in 1989 directing it toward the interest photo more and more biological, favored by the wealth of the backdrops of the Gulf in Naples.
In the following years it enriches his photographic file with the wonder and uncontaminated heavens of Egypt, Malesia, Sudan, Philippines, Micronesia, Indonesia, Caribbean, Maldive, Papua, South Africa. To today it counts innumerable prizes and recognitions in the whole world. It collaborates with the faculty of sea biology of the  Federico II of Naples and some magazines of the sector. The prestigious magazine Asian Diver has published one portfolio of his on the occasion of the publication of the number 100.
He as realized numerous photographic shows and projections, and some images of his already belong to deprived collections.