Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I started diving in 2003, when I was encouraged by a dive shop where I bought my first mask for snorkeling to be a diver. She introduced to me an instructor there present, and the rest is history. I enjoyed diving and traveling from different countries and discovering places around my country. I became interested in photography in 2012. My buddy taught me how to communicate with my camera, settings, composition and to capture the moment. Since then, I've been posting my photos to FB and various groups. It's been wonderful to share same passion, more so, to be able to meet and friends from around the globe and dive with them.

I managed a gallery shop in a commercial center in Makati, where I also sell  my own paintings. Photography and painting is similar in a way, how I compose a subject and how i depict the photo as a piece of art. Seeing them in a wall is rewarding.

As I continue to photograph the underwater world, I am able to share the beauty and wonders of life under the sea.