Friday, June 1, 2012


Todd Mintz
Photography to me is about the combination of light, subject and photographer all mixing together to create a moment in time. I hope that in my images I can inspire people to take an interest in wildlife and nature and discover the beauty that it holds.

Todd’s attraction to photography seemed to present itself at a young age. His earliest recollection of using a camera was as a young child at his grandfather’s home. Playing with an old camera and peering through the glass underneath the flip top cover on the top of the camera. It was not until many years later on an underwater diving trip to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean that he realized that he had a passion for photography. Todd borrowed a camera from his local dive shop where he dive mastered and the rest is somewhat history.

Since that time Todd’s path has crossed with a number of professional photographers many of who have greatly influenced his photography and assisted in his development as a photographer.  Watching their commitment and drive coupled with hard work inspired him to work at developing his craft.

Todd is a member of the Ocean Artists Society

Todd is a multi-award winning Canadian photographer from Saskatchewan who’s images have been recognized in numerous international photography competitions. Highlights include being selected Best of Show in the prestigious Nature’s Best/Smithsonian Ocean Views competition. Todd’s images were part of two exhibits at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC.  In addition one of these images were featured on the exhibit hall banners and promotions throughout the Smithsonian. His images have also been selected as part of the International Conservation Photography Awards exhibit in conjunction with the Burke Museum in Seattle. 

He has also received Best of Show honours in the Scuba Diving Magazine and twice in the SEA-NCUPS International Competition. Todd’s images have graced the covers of magazines including, Nature’s Best Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Il Polo and Scuba Diving Magazine. 

His images have been published in numerous magazines, books, newspapers, trade show backdrops, Scientific papers and websites throughout the world.  (National Geographic on-line news, Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, Nature's Best, Wetpixel Magazine, Scuba Diver Australasia, Il Polo, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Times, CA Magazine, Bottom Line, Degrees, Libraries and Archives Canada and Galleries West, IUCN). One of Todd's images was also featured as PADI's (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) website main page backdrop. Todd is also a long standing Senior Moderator at one of the most respected resources for underwater photography.

Lastly, he was recently honoured to be selected first for a series of interviews with underwater photographers throughout the world. Alex Mustard conducted the interview while diving with Todd in Canada. The interview and subsequent interviews in the series can be found at