Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Pietro Cremone was born in 1964 at Castellammare di Stabia, a village close to Naples, Italy.  As a child Pietro was already deeply attracted by the ocean, that he defines his natural element. Since middle school, he began to dream the far away Southern seas and their coral reefs, having  as favorite reading book,  Jacques Cousteau’s adventures that was an accomplice to give birth to an endless passion for the sea.
He began to take underwater photographs in 1990 using a Nikon FG housed in Nimar, and then he moved on following a Canon A95 compact camera.
A long journey that ended up, today, with a NIKON D810 and other DSLR cameras, housed by Nauticam. 
Since 2009, he has turned his passion for underwater photography in a engaging work, creating an online shop, www.fotosub-shop.it, that soon became a reference point of many Italian underwater photographers. In 2010, he began attending the world of underwater photography competitions, collecting important goals and winning. Amonst them,  in 2012, he won the competition “Photographer of the Year” of Eilat Red Sea Competition (now the World Shootout). Since 2012 is the official Italian distributor of Nauticam International, a cutting-edge brand of cases for underwater photography. He was also the winner in some important national competitions such as the Abyss of Venice, Divers for Africa, MyShot, OrtonaSub, and international as RSMAS Miami, Ocean Art, Beneath the Sea, Ocean Geographic Underwater Photo Marathon. An Italian excellence so popular internationally that one of his pictures has been selected by Nature’s Best Photography for display at the Smithsonian Museum of Washington DC (USA). Last but not least, since 2012, Pietro Cremone is an avid testimonial of SAVE THE OCEAN BY OCEANDIVER campaigns.  In 2015 he was one of the founders of IUPS (Italian Underwater Photography Society) to promote conservation and protection of the oceans through photographic excellence.

Nato nel  1964 a Castellammare di Stabia (NA) , fin da bambino si immerge con maschera e pinne alla scoperta dei fondali della costiera. Dal 1990 inizia a fotografare sott’acqua, in apnea, con una compatta Minolta e successivamente con la prima reflex scafandrata. Dal 2005 inizia a fotografare in digitale, dapprima con le piccole compatte Canon per poi tornare alla Reflex.  La passione per la foto cresce esponenzialmente fino a trasformarsi in un lavoro,  nel 2009 fonda la Digital Media Service e Fotosub Shop, uno dei primi shop online italiani per la fotosub. 
Dal 2012 è il distributore italiano ufficiale di Nauticam International,  marchio all’avanguardia delle custodie per fotosub. 
Nel 2010 inizia a frequentare il mondo delle competizioni fotosub, collezionando importanti traguardi, vincendo nel 2012 il concorso “Photographer of the Year”  della Eilat Red Sea Competition (oggi World Shootout).  E’ stato inoltre vincitore in alcuni importanti concorsi nazionali come Abissi di Venezia,  Divers for Africa,  MyShot, OrtonaSub,  ed internazionali come RSMAS Miami, Ocean Art, Beneath the Sea, Ocean Geographic, Underwater Photo Marathon. 
 Una sua immagine è stata selezionata da Nature’s Best Photography per essere esposta allo Smithsonian Museum of Washington DC (USA). 

Insieme ad altri amici ha fondato nel 2015 la IUPS (Italian Underwater Photography Society) per promuovere la conservazione e la salvaguardia degli oceani attraverso l’eccellenza fotografica.

Monday, November 28, 2016


I was born in Rome in 1959. I arrived relatively late to underwater activity getting OWD license at 32 years in the Maldives as a joke. Fascinated by the beauty of the seabed have forged ahead in achieving the license to the level of instructor and doing become the underwater activity my choice of life. For five years together with other friends we managed a diving center of Lampedusa island  and then the important step to move  abroad to open a dive center on a small island called Mafia off the coast of Tanzania. 10 years spent on this small island have formed me in the deep knowledge of the seabed and fauna of the Indian Ocean.
Since a few years I moved back to Rome to work with the tour operator H2O Viaggi following groups around the world and in the discovery of possible new diving destinations, then I started to assiduously practicing underwater photography using different camera, Canon G10 Canon 550D, Canon 70D.