Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Karin is a versatile photographer. She publishes her work in various national and international magazines and on websites. An interview once stated that enthusiasm is her strength. Karin thinks she just is having fun in shooting pictures and that is what you see in her work.

Besides her work as an underwater "nature" photographer, she also works as an underwater "fashion" photographer. This is a unique and unknown form of photography. Dutch well known couturier Ronald Kolk was so taken with her work that he gave her some of his expensive dresses for a shoot, resulting in a wonderful series of photos.

Karin also enjoys wedding photography. She says she is not a traditional wedding photographer who emphasizes the romance. Karin's wedding photography just screams joy. Anything goes, according to her. The newlyweds have to feel a connection with Karin's enthusiasm, but when it’s there this will result in amazing photo's.