Tuesday, November 6, 2018



    My name is Stefano Scortegagna.  At 47 years old I have made a successful career as a car salesman.  However, my true passion is underwater photography.

   This passion was born sixteen years ago on my first venture into the water.  I was fascinated by the brilliant colors and diverse marine life in this marvelous submerged world that opened up before my eyes.

    From that time, I have not ceased to explore and share these wonders with all who share my interest and enthusiasm.  And what better way to share, if not by words, than by my own photographs?

   With time, my passion for photography has grown tremendously.  In order to capture more technically valuable shots, I decided to upgrade my first equipment with a Canon G11.  The vast improvement in photographic resolution brought forth even more beauty and made me fall even deeper in love with the subaquatic space.

    I then started to organize some exhibitions of my photos to document the results of my discoveries. 

   This shook up an unexpected success which further stimulated my quest to expose even more people to this wondrous underwater world.  

   Six years ago, I initiated a project in several schools to teach children the importance of respecting the environment and the ocean by sharing the photos from my many underwater adventures.

   My continuous devotion to sharing my experiences with those young, and not so young, revealed an even greater purpose of my work.  

   I always strive to do better and try to explain to all that it is the responsibility of each person to, not only enjoy, but protect this incredibly valuable natural resource which is freely available to all of humanity.

   About two years ago I decided to switch from a compact camera to a reflex; a Nikon D800e.  

    After a brief breaking-in period, I started to submit my photos in various competitions where they have received awards and recognition not just at the national level, but all over the world.