Friday, March 29, 2013



I was born in 1973 in the Czech Republic, and currently live in Prague.

I have been scuba diving since 1995, but in 2009 I bought my first underwater camera and my love for photography started to develop with maritime life. At the moment I am using Nikon D700 with Sealux housing and Subtronic strobes.

It comes without saying that I love the ocean, and underwater photography has given my hobby a brand new dimension. These days I still enjoy maritime photography and never give up the possibility of shooting underwater, but my real passion inheres in creative photography and putting real life under water. It all started in December 2011 when I participated in the Czech Championship in swimming pool photography. It was my first time in swimming pool shooting whatsoever and my pictures won the 1st prize.

I have now realized that this is exactly what I love– being creative, building my own scene, using fantasy and being underwater.