Saturday, March 2, 2013


        PHIL SIMHA

Of Greek origin, but residing in the Swiss Alps, Phil Simha is a writer & photographer specialized in underwater, outdoors & travel stories. His background in adventure includes being a pioneer of bungy jumping, establishing a mountaineering and rafting expedition company in Nepal, running a large diving center in Thailand and living on four continents. Speaking eight languages and well known for his enthusiastic keynotes, Phil is also an active rec & tec instructor trainer and a consultant for various industry players, among others as an ambassador of Seacam and Aqua Lung.

o Canon 5DMarkII
o Canon 5 D
o Canon 60D
o Canon 550D
o Canon 8-15mm & 17-40mm
o Canon 15mm & 14mm fisheye 
o Canon macro 50 & 100 mm 
o Various zooms & tele-lenses
o Seacam Silver Housings for 5DII
o Seacam Prelude for 60D
o Seaflash 150D & 100D
o Super Dome
o Wide Port
o Fisheye Port
o Macro Fisheye port
o Flat macro ports
o Remote trigger system
o Aqua Lung 
o Aqua Sphere
o Beuchat
o SF Tech
o Submatix Rebreather