Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Lill Haugen
Norwegian underwater photographer, journalist and pr-adviser based in Oslo is sharing stories and glimpses from the underwater world through text and photos in a variety of publications. Even regularly visiting dive destinations all over the world, most of her diving is done in Norway.  She competes in splash-in competitions and landed the title Norwegian Champion in underwater photography three times (2010, 2011 and 2013), won several medals in the Nordic Championship and represented Norway in the World Championship in Turkey in 2011, where she got a silver medal. She has also done well in international competitions like the Ocean art photo competition and Deep Indonesia. 

Lill is passionate about telling tales from the underwater world, which is covering 70 per cent of our planet. She finds it important to use her underwater images to illustrate the beauty, but at the same time underline the huge environmental challenges our world oceans are facing.

Her favorite objects are sharks, and she is working to spread knowledge (http://www.hjelphavetshaier.org/english.htm) to change the unbalanced negative perception of sharks, and the fact that we are about to lose the oceans most perfect predator to overfishing, greed and the devastating hunger for shark fin soup.
Lill is used to close encounters with sharks, after finishing her studies in Australia and living in Fiji (2008-09) as a shark-photographer, involving herself in shark conservation research of Bull sharks at the famous Shark Reef in Beqa lagoon in Fiji: www.fijisharkdive.com

Equipment: Digital SLR Nikon D300 in Nexus aluminum housing, with Ikelite 160 Substrobes