Sunday, July 7, 2013


Mike's love for photography was heightened in the depths of Truk Lagoon, while working as a divemaster in 1991.  It was there that world renowned underwater photographer, Jim Church, handed him his Nikonos SLR camera & asked him to finish off the roll.  Thus began a great camaraderie of Mike, his camera(s) & the life of the big blue.
Sharing bottom time with some of the smartest & friendliest in the ocean to some of the largest & most feared (by some), has given him unique opportunities to photograph the popular, playful Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, to the less popular, agile Tiger Shark & much more.  It has also strengthened his compassion towards them & the vital roll they play in the delicate balance of the oceans.  It is his hope to convey this thru his photography.  That people will look upon his images & share his concerns of acts of greed & inhumanness that bring many to their plight & feel the heart n' souls of the ocean & how we all need each other.
"For the oceans!"