Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Csaba Tökölyi / Nature photographer

I live in Budapest, Hungary. During the day (and sometimes a little longer) I work as an art director at an advertising agency. I picked up photography as a hobby during school years, and remained a casual snapper for years. Then I started diving, and my life changed in many ways. My passion for nature photography started underwater. And after a few years, I started to follow the Darwinian path of evolution and ventured out of the water into the realm of land based nature photography.

Awards and Accomplishments:

2006 Submarine Mag UW competition - I. (wide-angle), III. (macro)

2007 Submarine Mag UW competition - I. (overall)
2007 IX. Hungarian UW festival - III. (fresh water)
2007 Underwater Images - I. (macro)
2007 Naturart WPOTY - HC (underwater)
2007 International Photo Awards - HC (nature-uw, portrait)

2008 Submarine UW competition - I. (wide-angle)
2008 Underwater Images festival- I. (macro), III. (wide-angle)
2008 Beneath the Sea festival- I. (wide-angle)
2008 Naturart WPOTY - HC (composition)
2008 NCUPS SEA - I. (conservation), I. (macro)
2008 DIVECENTER.hu POTY - I. (overall)

2009 Beneath the Sea festival - HC (conservation)
2009 Golden Dolphin festival, Moscow - III. (macro)
2009 X. Hungarian UW festival - III. (overall)
2009 Underwater Images - I. (conservation)
2009 Naturart WPOTY - III. (underwater), HC (conservation)

2010 PAF Tachov - I. (creative images), III. (pool images)
2010 Underwater Images - III. (wrecks)
2010 Windland Rice NBP - HC (plant life)
2010 LAUPS - II. (macro)

2011 Hungarian Press Photo Competition - I. (Nature category)
2011 WPGA B&W Comp - I. (seascapes)
2011 DIVECENTER.hu Red-Sea Splash-in: I. (Portfolio, Peoples Choice, Best picture) 
2011 DIVECENTER.hu POTY - I. (overall)

2012 Asferico - HC (Mammals)
2012 Oasis - HC (Other animals, Plants)
2012 Px3 Prix de la Photographie - I. (Plants), II. (Nature), II., III. (Underwater) 
2012 Px3 Prix de la Photographie - Peoples Choice Award I., II., III. (Underwater)
2012 International Photo Awards - HC (Underwater, Fine Art, Flowers)
2012 DIVECENTER.hu Red-Sea Splash-in: II. (Portfolio), III. (Best picture)