Thursday, January 24, 2013



Born in 1974 in Mexico.
She was 14 when she first discovered the underwater world. She´s now a diving Instructor PADI and a cave and technical diver.
She began taking pictures underwater in 1998 with a Nikonos V and is cofounder of the Mexican Underwater Photography Association (AMISUB).
She has participated in more than 10 exhibitions of underwater photography and has published her work in local magazines such as Amura and Archipiélago.
She has won consecutively 1st, 2nd 3rd and 2nd places in the last 4 years on the Annual Underwater Photography contest at AMISUB.
She won 1st prize of the National Championship of Underwater Photography FMAS, Mexico, 2012.  She also won 2nd prize of the UW Photo contest Verasub 2012.

“The beauty of the seas and their creatures are beyond our imagination. Exploring them has become my life. In every dive, I encounter something or someone that represents a different challenge and a magical moment. Being able to capture that amazing instant or that marvelous being has become one of the main purposes in my life.
I wish I could share the profound love I feel for the Sea and be able to be part of the efforts for protecting it.  We all need to be able to see, to open our eyes and our minds, and understand how important it is to respect life.”