Friday, March 9, 2012


Henry Jager is a passionate underwater and wildlife photographer with an incredible sense for an unexpected view on the subjects. In 2013, he added experimental photography (high speed, liquid art, drops, underwater painting and more) to his portfolio.

His pictures are appreciated around the globe and have been exhibited nationally and internationally. National Geographic, Ocean Geographic, The Open, and many more have awarded Henrys pictures. He won two gold medals (one at the world biggest fotosalon, the Trierenberger Supercircuit, and one at UWP) and a grand master title.

Henry has published in travel and dive magazines as well as on scuba diving related webpages and blogs. He writes tutorials, critics, about travel destinations, photo courses and about special photo techniques. He performs workshops and acts as head of jury at Scubashooters.

Henry Jager describes his passion as follows:

“Our earth’s biodiversity is amazing. Especially underwater, you find the craziest creatures as well as the cutest, most colorful and most impressive ones. My passion is to picture this fantastic underwaterworld as well as the topside life and make the beauty of nature available to everybody”.

And further, regarding the experimental part of his photography:

’water is a source of uncountable secrets. High speed photography allows me to unveil moments of milliseconds of a fleeting art of physics, not visible for humans eyes.’


• Camera Brand and Model: Olympus OM-D E-M1
• Housing Brand and Model: Nauticam NA EM1
• Strobes Brand and Model: Inon Z240 & Seaflash 150d (2 each)
• Dioptre: Inon UCL 165 AD, Nauticam SMC-1, Inon UCL-100M67
• Additional equipment add on: SolaVideo120