Saturday, January 18, 2020


Katherine Lu
Katherine is an American award winning underwater photographer. 
She grew up in Norther Virginia in the USA. 

Katherine started her diving journey more than two decades ago after receiving her open water certification in 1996. 

Her adventure spirit and wanderlust led her to travel to over 60 countries and dive all around the world.

Currently residing in Singapore and within close proximity to the coral triangle, she bought her first camera in 2013 to show friends and family the world beneath the sea and soon after developed a specialty for underwater macro photography, though she also loves photographing sharks and large pelagics when travel opportunities arise.

Completely self taught, she enjoys creating artistic expressions and visual stories that can capture the beauty of the ocean, its inhabitants and fragility of the ecosystem. 

Awareness and education are key to preserving the ocean and she hopes her images can contribute towards conservation.

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