Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Sirachai (Shin) Arunrugstichai is an award-winning photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. With his background in marine biology, he started photography to document coral reef biodiversity for researches, while working with marine conservation groups in Thailand. Eventually, he realized that his images could make larger impacts by telling the stories to the publics, so Shin decided to pursue photography as a career, with specializations in underwater and documentary photography. 

He later began working as a freelance photojournalist for several organizations such as IUCN (Thailand & Myanmar), ICJ (Thailand), and Freeland Foundation (Thailand) and others. Also he is a contributor Getty Images Creative/Advertisement Collections, an editorial contributor for Demotix Photo Agency, and a photographer for Siamese Cynics art collectives. His personal interests are in the biodiversity, fisheries and conservation issues of marine life in the Southeast Asia regions. Currently he is working on an assignment for National Geographic (Thai edition) on shark and human.

Although his primary work is in photojournalism, he is still active within the scientific community, working on conservation biology of sharks in Thailand. Currently, he is affiliate with Center for Biodiversity in Peninsular Thailand, Prince of Songkla University. However, he will collaborate on any shark researches or conservation projects in the Southeast Asia regions.

Email : carcharodon.shinalodon@gmail.com
Page : www.facebook.com/shinsnap , www.shinsphoto.com