Monday, March 31, 2014


I started to dive in 1982 at just 12 years with a course at the Sub Gian Blacks in Rimini. With just the first degree Fipsas I began to experiment in photography using the Nikonos IV lent to me by my uncle. 
After two years I had my Nikonos V and the desire to show the world what I admired during my dives. 
The underwater career progressed, eighteen are instructor Federal Fipsas M1 and Federal Commissioner today. During all this time the commitment with the courses and the photograph has been so often passed on the second floor. 
With the advent of digital photography has taken over the flame of force, in the last four years I have collected more than twelve shots. 
The aim, however, has remained what it was when I was young. The first thing you need to click for me, to be able to relive that dive several times, and then serves to show what fantastic underwater world offers us.

Friday, March 28, 2014


It is his passion to capture the kaleidoscopic world of the above and the oceans and bring it to life on visual and print - from the majestic beauty of the wide world above the sea to the vibrant coral reefs & intricate details of marine life.
Off work, Zul devotes his time in conducting scuba diving & underwater photography courses that brings the mesmerizing world of the deep sea to scutiny under his camera lens.
Not only has photography & scuba diving kept him in touch with nature, it has also built invaluable friendships among photographers and scuba divers who share the same passion.

Zul is also the founder of BLANCommunication. This is where he practice his creative thinking as a Graphic Designer which he handle artwork and visual communication as part of his daily routine a combination which give him a perfect gel between creativity and beauty of nature.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Petteri Viljakainen

I started diving 2004 in Similan islands, Thailand. The first dive after the course we saw 5 manta rays and a Zebra shark swimming just a few meters away. I had a rental SeaLife film camera with me on that dive with 24 frames to shoot. The images looked absolutely stunning to me then. That was the moment I got hooked on underwater photography. I later realised that I would not see several mantas on every dive and the pictures were not that good..

10 years and a few hundred dives later I find myself still as passionate about underwater photography as I was when I started. I find myself running worldwide phototrips from Finland aimed for UW photographers. At the moment I shoot with Canon 7D and mainly Tokina 10-17. I use Subal housing with Ikelite on and off camera strobes.

The images that please me the most are wide angle and split shots. I like to shoot divers on different underwater backrounds. Especially with 50/50 shots you can capture best parts of both worlds."