Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I'm a amateur underwater photographer, I love diving like to see the underwater world through the camera, i can get close to these creatures and filmed Share it to everyone.

my first diver at 2009 and started underwater photography.
around 100 dives per year and is currently using GF1 with Leica DG 45mm marco in 10bar housings. include Inon Z-240 strobes, and Subsee diopters.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My name is Ilan Lubitz. I was born and grew up in Israel.
I discovered the magic of the under-water world when I spend few years 
In  the shores of the red sea. My first dive was during the 1965 since then
 I made numerous dives as Dive master and advance technical diver.
Only during the 1985 I was caught By the under-water photography bug.
The beginning was simple film under- Water cameras, the nikonos iv and five,
and ended the film age with the exception of the nikonos RS with it’s unbelievable lenses.
Later moving to housed SLR digital cameras starting with the D-100 up to the
D-300 and as for today the Nikon D3X.
Diving and under-water photography are my primer pastime. My pictures are
Presented by the internet all over the world.  Have many articles published   
On my activities. Last years I started giving lectures under the title “the under-
Water world”. Published 3 books with my photos.
Now days as a retired from work (72 years old) I moved to the beautiful country 
Philippines with the incredible sea shores and marine creatures.   
Having a lot of fun diving and taking under-water photos.
I just can’t find satisfaction in my life without diving few times a week.