Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Gaetano Dario Gargiulo was born in Vico Equense (NA, Italy) on 27/12/1977. He 
took his first picture underwater with a borrowed Nikonos V (his uncle gave to 
him and never asked back) in 1999. Since then he never went underwater 
without a camera. Soon he started design his own accessories (mainly strobes) 
for his Nikonos V then he upgraded his system purchasing his first SLR housing 
(Nikon F801s SEACAM) that he used since 2009 when he purchased a Sea&Sea 
housing for his digital Nikon D100. He currently lives in Australia and uses 
underwater a D300s in a dedicated Aquatica housing. He mostly shoot micro and
super-micro with a AFS 105/2.8 MicroNikkor with a Kenko extension tube often 
adding a wet dioptre (Macromate) to achieve a reproduction of up to six times 
the life size. However sometimes he enjoys the beauty of the large marine life 
such as the Grey Nurse Sharks at Magic point (Maroubra, NSW) with a 10.5/2.8