Saturday, January 28, 2017


Alfredo Milazzo is born in Syracuse August 14 th 1960. Initially he living the sea practicing the spearfihing in freediving in varius competition and in 1992 he trasform the passion for the speafishing with that of the underwater photography . Since then it participates in many contests of National value that International, besides Italian Championships of underwater photo with good positionings.  
1999 Italian championship, Budoni (NU) - 2° cls.   
2001 Italian championship, Panarea (Me) - 3° cls.  
2002 Italian championship, Portoferraio (Island in Elba) - 2° cls.  
2003 Italian championship, Panarea (Me) - 3° cls.  
2006 Italian championship, Villasimius (CA) - 4° cls.  
2008 International contest Pelagos - 1° cls. categ. Digital elaboration  
2009 International contest Diver's for Africa - 1° cls. categ. sea environment  
2010 International contest Diver's for Africa - 1° cls. categ. good macros  
2010 contest International City of Venice - 2° cls. categ. Mediterranean macro  
2010 Europeans Maritime Day - 1°cl. cat. Fish, 2°cl. cat. Artistic and prize of the Jury
2013 Eudi Show - 1° cl. categ. compact-apnea  
2014 Eudi Show - 2° cl. categ. reflex-scubadivers  
2016 contest International City of Trieste - signalled photo categ. sea environment  
he has achieved the brevet of underwater Instructor of I° FIPSAS/CMAS In 1995  

Alfredo Milazzo nasce a Siracusa il 14 agosto 1960. Inizialmente vive il mare praticando la pesca subacquea in apnea a livello agonistico poi nel 1992 la trasformazione, nasce la passione della fotografia subacquea, del mondo e dell'ambiente marino fino ad oggi .  
Da allora partecipa a Concorsi di valenza Nazionale che Internazionale, oltre a Campionati Italiani di fotografia subacquea con ottimi piazzamenti.  
1999   Campionato Italiano, Budoni (NU) - 2° cl.   
2001   Campionato Italiano, Panarea (ME) - 3° cl.  
2002   Campionato Italiano, Portoferraio (Isola d'Elba) - 2° cl.  
2003   Campionato Italiano, Panarea (ME) - 3° cl.  
2006   Campionato Italiano, Villasimius (CA) - 4° cl.  
2008   Concorso Internazionale Pelagos - 1° cl. categ. elaborazione Digitale  
2009   Concorso Internazionale Diver's for Africa - 1° cl. categ. ambiente marino  
2010   Concorso Internazionale Diver's for Africa - 1° cl. categ. miglior macro  
2010   Concorso Internazionale Città di Venezia - 2° cl. categ. Mediterraneo macro  
2010   European Maritime Day - 1°cl. cat. Pesce, 2°cl. cat. Artistica e premio della Giuria   
2013   Eudi Show  - 1° cl. categ. compatte-apnea  
2014   Eudi Show  - 2° cl. categ. reflex-scubadivers  
2016   Concorso Internazionale Città di Trieste - foto segnalata categ. ambiente marino  
Ha conseguito il brevetto di Istruttore subacqueo di I° FIPSAS/CMAS NEL 1995

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Virginia was born in Trento, a small town near Dolomiti mountains where she lives with her family. When she was young she used to spent her summer holidays by her grandparents  in S. Caterina, a small village of fish-men near Nardò, in Puglia.
There she felt in love with sea and marine creatures . In 1995 she obtained the first dive licence and it was  wonderful because  when she  was diving  under sea she felt harmony.  For several summers she worked as dive-master in a diving in Puglia.  During scuba diving she took with her  a small camera to live a nice reminder to customers.  In 2013 she began to study diving photo to federal course and the next year she took part to many competitions and she obtained promising results. 
During this years she won the most important national and international competitions .
In 2016 she won gold medal in national championship of compact camera. Virginia through her photos tries to transmit the incredible emotions she feels when she dives .  Her passion for the sea bottom push her to explore tropical  seas , Mediterranean sea, Alpine lakes etc… 
Her favorite sea is Ionio in S. Caterina , because she remembers of her youth . When is possible she came back to S. Caterina , in the house inherit from her grandmother.  
It’s here  that arise her most beautiful pictures that gave her the most important successes.