Friday, February 24, 2017


My name is Leighton Lum and I am a professional wildlife and landscape photographer from Honolulu Hawaii. 

I have always been fascinated with the ocean and all of its inhabitants, making underwater photography my favorite type of photography. 

I also love to travel, I run yearly photo workshops in various parts of the World, teaching photography. 

Photography has been my passion for many years and I hope my images inspire others to help protect this World so future generations can grow up to enjoy it! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Jacopo Brunetti is the founder of Cabo shark Dive, the first, one and only shark diving company in Cabo San Lucas that brings people swimming, snorkeling, diving and free diving safely with mako, silkies, hammerheads, blue sharks and marine megafauna. He is a Italian marine biologist, PADI scuba instructor, professional underwater photographer, sharks behavioural expert,  professional shark dive guide and a big sharks fanatic. ​​Jacopo studied marine biology in Milan, Italy and has a Masters in Ecosustainability Tourism, and another in Environmental Pollution.  For 12 years, Jacopo worked  as biologist, shark dive guide and  professional underwater photographer  with sharks and large marine animals in South Africa, Egypt, Azores, Hawaii, Mexico, Baja California, Australia & Philippines. He collaborating with important institutions such as The Shark research Lab at The Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology, before coming to Cabo San Lucas, “a virgin territory for shark ecotourism.”In all these years he gained experience  and skills in diving and free diving safely with big marine animals and he learned  how to read and observe the behaviour of sharks to keep the  experience safe and comfortable for divers and sharks.