Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Gary Brennand started diving in 1983 in Western Australia and worked his way to an Instructor doing part-time work in the industry while working as an IT (computer) manager. He has since taken up diving full time and devoted all his time to his diving passion. He then gained the prestigious position of Course Director within the PADI organization. Gary moved to Cairns for 5 years in 2005 but has since returned to Perth, During his time in Cairns Gary's interest in photography intensified and slowly worked its way into many aspects of his life. Gary is currently doing freelance Scuba instruction, Tec instruction and photography work worldwide. Gary has obtained AAPS honours in Photography from the Australian Photographic Society. 

Gary has been recognised internationally having his images displayed around the world including the famous Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and National Geographic Magazine. Gary has recieved awards in numerous competitions to see a display of these achievements goto