Thursday, March 22, 2012


Kadu Pinheiro was born in May 10, 1974. His professional beginnings in the world of underwater photography began around 2004, and his passions are diving and photography, which he merged when starting to portray the underwater world, unveiling and recording untouched horizons to share it with the world, be it through published articles, books, websites and any and all forms of communication where photography can operate its miracle of bringing light where darkness prevailed.

“Sighting always wants more than it is allowed to see” (Kadu)

“In the photo, the mind seeks the understanding of moments, more than simply the naked and crude reality. Photography brings with it the photographer´s interpretation, freezing feelings and emotions so others can share it”. (Kadu)

“I seek the best in things and people whom I portray, I seek the magic hidden in every scene, the best in every moment; it is this magic of capturing the best in people, objects, sutuations and landscapes that I call photography, and it is this way that I perpetuate sentiments. To unravel new worlds and immortalize their inhabitants is part of my photographic journey”. (Kadu)

Kadu Pinheiro was underwater photographer, editor of digital content and contributor of Mergulho magazine for many years, creator and editor of the first Brazilian diving electronic magazine, UnderXMag, and currently is the editor and product director for magazine. He has contributed photos for the books “Laje de Santos, Laje dos Sonhos” and “Água: Conservação e Cultura”, and also to the international project Wonderful Water Planet with Naoko Funakoshi. Contribues also to several diving and tourism magazines and websites in Brazil and worldwide. Besides photographer Kadu is a NAUI and IANTD Instructor and technical cave diver.

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