Monday, January 21, 2013


Sven Peks, born 1972 in germany is a music producer and musician. He's running his ownrecording studio in the south of germany.Sven started diving late at the age of 33 and after 25 dives he bought his first compact-camera in a underwater housing, because he wanted to show some pictures to his family at home.“in the earlier days, I didn't like the sea, I was afraid of the waves and the deep blue. I never gotmyself a camera because a lot of my friends and my father had one, for me it seemed like a wastetime to buy my own camera – everyone was already taking pictures of everything. I loved themountains, and spent my holidays in switzerland, italy and austria in summer for climbing - inwinter for skiing. I had an accident when I was a boy. We spent a week on a small island in Italycalled Elba, and on a day with strong wind I decided to go swimming. The sucked me into the openwater and I really thought I was going to die. After that day, I didn't go back into the ocean for along time. 20 years later, in 2004, me and my girlfriend snorkeled during a vacation in Sri Lankawith some big green turtles - I was so amazed by that experience that I started the OWD the nextmorning. I just wanted to get closer.” Another 4 years later, after two small compact-cameras, Sven bought his first fullframe Canon. Itwas a 5D in a Hugyfot Housing. Till the end of 2012 he worked for some dive centers as apromotional photographer, for several german and swiss dive-magazines, Spiegel online and someother projects like a chapter in a book about divespots around the world and CD-artwork for bands.“It's sad, but i only do 80-100 dives a year. The rest of the time, I have to focus on my main job.Music is the opposite of diving! It's always to late in the evening, it's loud and if you're on a wintertour for some weeks you don't see the sun for many days. You constantly have so many peoplearound you, it's like being plugged into High Voltage all day long. You stay in dark clubs, breathbad air and drink to much. Some time ago, I traveled with my diving gear stacked between theinstruments in the back of the van. After the last show of this tour, my plane took of at 7:30 a.m.. Idid the first dive 8 hours later and I found myself in a big group of barracudas. It was like wakingup from a long nightmare, a completely different world. But I can't live without either one of thesetwo extremes.

Equipment:Canon 7D , Canon 5D Mark I , Canon 5D Mark IIICanon EF 14mm USM L II 2.8, Canon EF 16-35 mm USM L 2.8, Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye, CanonEF 50 mm 1.4, Canon EF-S 60 mm Makro 2.8, Canon EF 100 mm 2,8 Makro.BS Kinetics Housing and PortsSea&Sea FlashesInon FlashesULCS