Monday, December 19, 2016


Eitan Ben Zvi
I was born by the sea, at Tel-Aviv Israel on 1965, and from age 4 I liked to swim….I even won some swimming contests. From that early point, all my life where around water and the big ocean.
I made first dive with mask and snorkel on age 10.
My true passion to the ocean drove me to become a scuba diver, and discover a new magic world….
From there to become an underwater photographer the way was very short.

Underwater Photography allows me to reflect and share all the magic sights, coolers  and interesting amazing sea creatures, to the upper world.

For me, underwater photography combines adrenaline from discovering new unexpected situations that are very challenging to "freeze" and also great passion
I hope you will find my photos interesting and like them too


Sunday, December 18, 2016


Since 2009, Jan has been living in Dubai, working in Marketing & Communications. This is where he discovered scuba diving for himself, and what began as a casual hobby quickly became his number one passion.
Today Jan is one of the most active underwater photographers with over 1,000 dives in the region, spending most of his free time exploring the underwater world of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Oman in particular has a special place in Jan’s heart; with the diving industry in its infancy and most dive sites still undiscovered, this beautiful country holds unlimited secrets for underwater enthusiasts. 
Jan’s favorite diving locations in the region include the northern “Musandam” peninsula and a group of islands 20km off the coast from the Omani capital Muscat called “Daymaniyat Islands”. Both areas are extremely rich on marine live and offer photographers plenty of macro and wide angle opportunities.
As a previous winner of the Emirates Diving Association Digital Online competition, Jan is always keen on growing the awareness and interest for underwater photography within the local diving community. He is currently working on a few related projects in cooperation with local dive centers and other underwater photographers, including a guide covering his favorite dive sites in Oman.
Below are some examples of Jan’s work in the region.