Saturday, November 2, 2013


My Name is Greg Piper, I am a Padi Divemaster with over 1500 dives. I started diving in October, 2008 and started taking photos underwater in November of 2010.

I love the sport and spend 4-5 months a year traveling. In the last three years I have been to almost every dive destination in the Caribbean and have traveled to, Hawaii, Cocos island, Indonesia, Philippines, Micronesia, Solomons, PNG,  Thailand and many others. 

I love being underwater and I love sharing my images. I have a facebook page that has over 55,000 fans worldwide.

My work is an opportunity to share my vision of our oceans with those in the world who venture only on land. My goal is to share the oceans story with the world and highlight the importance of this fragile ecosystem that provides us with life and is in danger of disappearing. 

I am 43 and live in a suburb of Washington Dc. I am married with two daughters, one 5, one 15. My wife and oldest daughter also dive and accompany me on some trips as does our youngest. At only five she has been to Palau, Wakatobi, Grand Cayman and Bali. A family that dives together stays together! My full time occupation when I am not taking pictures or traveling the world in search of the next great dive site, is tattooing. I have been a tattooist for 25 years and have owned a shop in the DC area for 20 years of that. 

I first dived in the US Military in the early 90’s, which to those who have done that explains why I waited so long to try it as a hobby.  I was in Cancun with my wife in October of 2008, she was pregnant so I decided to spend an afternoon and do a DSD. Well less then 5 years later here I am.

I have a dedicated site where I display and sell my photographs. 

Wherever I am I look forward to meeting you there.

Greg Piper