Monday, May 11, 2015



The underwater world inspires me, the ocean and its depth seems to have never ending surprises to offer.
I wanted to share this feeling of awe which Iove experienced every time I went diving with other people and that is probably the main reason why I picked up the camera and started my way into underwater photography.
Obtaining his Open Water license in the year 2004 and becoming a Dive Instructor in 2011, Yam was enraptured by the underwater world from the very  first moment he took his dive into the ocean.  I went diving every possible weekend during my first couple of years, that's the great thing about Thailand, you're always close to the beach and the ocean. 
The funny thing is that, Iove never thought I would end up being an Instructor, but here I am. It really is a great feeling, seeing the faces of all the new divers, excitement shines in their eyes. Sometimes when you've been diving for a long time you forget how exciting it is, my students brought back those feelings to me. 
Within the first year of diving Yam started bagging up his collection of the underwater world using a simple point and shoot, the Sony T200. My progress through the underwater photography sphere is rather simple.  
Start off with a simple camera first, then once you feel that you have reach its limitation you can upgrade  to something more advance. As for my current camera, it's the Canon 6D which I have been using for about 2 years. Macro photography is my favorite area, the challenge is not just in finding all these mesmerizing little creatures; but also in taking their photographs. With your eyes some just looks like speck of dusts, but through the lens, they have such vibrant behaviors and movements. Taking macro photography is like bringing the unknown to life, it's very captivating.
Self  taught, Yam gained his photography knowledge through the many discussions he had with other photographers and those who shared his passion. When it comes to underwater photography, I stand by 3 advices, each came from a person whom I really respect. First, take photos of what YOU like, not what you THINK other people would like. Second, find the FEELING in each photo. No matter how perfect the composition, the lighting or the model /object the photo would not be complete if there is no feeling. Lastly, create a STORY; your photo should be able to tell a story. This helps add an extra depth to the photos and make them more interesting..
Today, Yam enjoys participating in many different Underwater Photography Competition, big or small as it help pushes him to explore his creativity and new techniques as well as sharing his photos with the online communities. I still have a lot to learn, I'm not a professional, my style is constantly evolving and I believe there are rooms for improvement. Every feedbacks I got about my photos are valuable and a chance to see other peoples' new and interesting perspectives. They motivate me to keep bettering myself and I hope my photos would do the same for others as well.