Friday, April 13, 2012


Chris started diving in 1996 when he migrated from the UK to Western Australia.

Underwater Photography for Chris is merely a passion and hobby which started in 1998 purely and simply because it was hard to explain to people who have not experienced the underwater world what it is like.

He started taking shots with a Sea and Sea compact film camera and soon became very frustrated with his results. He then moved onto a Sealife compact Digital Camera in 2000 and then a Sony P9. Pretty much having the same frustrations trying to recreate the images he wanted to show friends and family.

In 2004 he upgraded to a Nikon D70 in an Ikelite housing when he was invited to go on an expedition to the Maldives. It was then that he became really hooked on Underwater Photography.

Since then Chris has dived in many parts of the world inluding Borneo, PNG, Hawaii, and Bali but still feels that Western Australia provides some of the best diving in the World. He has dived Ningaloo on many occasions and believes the Navy Pier is still the best Shore Dive in the World.

Chris currently shoots with a Nikon D300s in a Nauticam housing and strives to continue improving his skills in all aspects of Underwater Photography.  To continue to portray the wonder and beauty of the Underwater World to his friends and family. Many of my friends have learnt to dive after seeing his shots which in his eyes is a true measure of his success as story teller.

Chris is a member of the West Australian Underwater Photographic Society, Perth Underwater Photographic Society and an Administrator of the Underwater Macro Photographers Facebook group.

He currently resides in Fremantle Western Australia after living in Perth and Melbourne for a number of years.