Friday, March 1, 2013


Amar and Isabelle Guillen

We are two professional freelance photographers, working independently, and specializing in underwater, travel and underwater photography. Since 2001, we have been living in the US in Plano, TX, which is a town near Dallas. We established our company Guillen Photo in 2003. Originally French, we are now American citizens since 2010. We are fully bilingual in English and French, and are capable of writing technical articles in both languages. This also allows us to conduct assignments in many countries or regions of the world.

We define ourselves as “hunters of lights and colors”. These two elements create the fundamental basis of our approach, whether on land or underwater, and allow us to showcase the stories we tell in our photographs. One of our main passions is to display the delicate balance existing between nature and people. Our website,, is an exhibition of our artistic work and expertise in the mastery of lights and colors.

Our photographic vision is based on the search or the hunt of lights and colors to dress our subjects to better highlight them. Once the subject chosen, we create high-contrast images with perfect management of the depth of field. We are especially attracted by the atmosphere photographs composed of several plans where we show peace and sweetness in the tones. Our vision is also to use the textures and structures of the subjects photographed. The material is for us an essential element for the dynamic ranges as wide as possible.

In underwater photography, we also apply our photographic vision: colors, lights, crisp pictures, perfect management of the depth of field and high-contrasted images. In underwater photography, we are able to address all types of photography: scenery, macro, close up. We are also able to treat all subjects from photography of marine mammals, very large fish such as whales through reptiles, crustaceans, not to mention all the species of fish. We have a particular passion for wrecks that we know particular highlight in our images.

We have great experience in the areas of travel, underwater and wildlife photography. Our interests are nature, landscapes, and animals. Our skills in underwater photography are now recognized by many international and prestigious magazines. Scuba Diving in the United States, Diver Canada, Asian Diver Singapore, Plongée Magazine in France, Unterwasser in Germany, and Nurkovanie in Poland have published many of our photos, technical articles and stories. We have also published two technical books about underwater photography in Eyrolles Editions, in France. This exposure has enhanced our purpose of engaging in projects with a comprehensive global vision.

In addition to our articles and books, we also work with stock photography such as,, and These stocks have very special needs, and require us to open our photographic perspective and outlook.

Our next area of expertise includes our teaching skills. We organize and animate underwater photography, travel courses, and safaris. We are fortunate and honored to have trained hundreds of photographers in the world. This is a very important point that supports our ability to communicate with various nationalities. Today, for our clients, our communication skills are a guarantee we will understand projects and carry them to completion.

After graduating with degrees in computer science, we worked as design engineers, then project managers. This taught us to manage complex projects. We started to take photographs in 1987 with an Olympus OM40, as self-taught users. After practicing photography as a hobby for 15 years, we decided to move our love for photography forward, with a more artistic and career approach.

We use Photoshop and all plug-ins dedicated to correction and photo retouching, such as provided by OnOneSoftware, NikSoftware and AutoFxSoftware. This expertise contributes to our professionally finished projects that do not require additional work.

Our expansive experience in professional photography allows us to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers. We strive to understand their needs and specifications assigned to us.

We are multifaceted professional photographers, global in scope, and we are flexible to your assignments and missions.