Monday, May 27, 2013


Christian Schlamann was born in 1975 in the north of Germany. Still there he lives near to Hannover and works as a managing director in the building industry. His diving career started early at the age of fourteen. After first dives and a long break he decided in 2001 to deepen the diving.

In 2005 he took his camera down and finally in 2007 his first DSLR a Nikon D200 embedded in a Hugyfot housing.

Current he is using a Nikon D800 camera also in a "Hugyfot". 

His favorite diving regions are the Red Sea and Indonesia with the gorgeous islands Bali and Sulawesi.

Because of his Job as an engineer Christian places great value on the technical execution on his photos.
Christian: "Through my job I'm technical molded so I try to implement my photos technical brilliantly. To clarify that I'll not forget the important point of design I have great and patient support from my girlfriend Silke who show me different points of view again and again. Below the surface and over the surface as well. Photography for me is a learning process at all the various levels."

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